True Innovation in China

Today marks the day where go on our company visits. The first visit is a company called Goodbaby. The main emphasis that I took away from Goodbaby is the way they fight for their survival in a world where imitation is king. They have stayed in the #1 spot in China by continuously innovating both in their product line, as well as investment in designing and producing on site their own electronics and printed circuitry and programming of their components.


Image: Trendsetting, the smallest pram in the world

The company itself was founded on innovation. Their first product was a multi-purpose pram that could be converted to a stroller and a baby walker. You can still feel today that the heart and driving force of the organisation is its strong emphasis on innovation and building differentiating products, from strollers, to ride-ons as well as.

It was also touching to see at how great lengths they went to make us feel welcome – from the huge banner in front as we entered to ensuring that my personal dietary requirements were met.


Image: Purpose made banner to welcome us

Next stop, Bosch.


Image: Bosch China

Bosch is in a different position than Goodbaby in China. Unlike Goodbaby who does true innovation, at Bosch, they receive design plans from the parent company in Germany for productions and adaptation. The BU we visited focussed on building electronic boards for cars, such as power window actuators, parking sensors, airbag control, etc. They also do customisation on the base design to fit the different chassis the parts will be fitted into, and to some extent, can be considered a re-engineering of the part in question.

Despite that, you can feel that they hunger for true innovation. It was clear that they see their current engineering and re-engineering work as proving grounds to the German team that the Chinese team are capable to produce work and designs at the quality expected from the main office in Germany, and therefore can be trusted as a true source of innovation incubation for the future.


Image: Bosch electronic parts on display at the entrance

We concluded the day with a team dinner, and celebrating Marty and Ben’s birthday!


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