The Wall that Nasi Goreng Built

The first thing that springs to an Aussie mind as he visits the great wall is the hugely successful 2005 Big Pond commercial where a dad tells his son that the Great Wall was built by emperor Nasi Goreng to keep out the rabbits (

All fun aside, in line with Chairman Mao’s illustrious words: “Only if you have climbed the Great Wall will you become a real man.”, we set out to climb the Great wall at Badaling. Badaling is not for the faint of heart. It does not have the fancy cable car to take you to the top. To be a real man, you climb the wall.


Above is a picture at the halfway mark – giving a perspective on how arduous the climb was, especially for the two little mini-me. But with Chairman Mao’s words in mind, the two little ones soldiered on in the tremendous 32 degrees heat and humidity and bravely climbed the wall.

After the wall climb, we visited a local Jade factory, and learnt how to make a real one from a fake. We also learnt the history of the Jade. According to our guide, a jade bracelet is passed on to the firstborn son in the family as it is believed that the Jade absorbs part of a person’s soul, and so wearing a family Jade is believed to give honour and remembrance to one’s ancestors.

On our return to our hotel, we freshened up and went back to Silk Road market in the hope of having the fried noodles again for dinner, but it seems that this merchant decided to have an early mark home, and so we ended up trying something else!

With much disappointment, I left my phone on the cab on the way back to our hotel, and with it all the photos that I took so far, as well as my means of communicating back to my friends and family. The hotel staff were very helpful and attempted their best to contact the cab company, with no success. I proceeded to cancel my service, as well as changed all my email and facebook passwords and the like.

An otherwise amazing day ended up with a major letdown by none other than myself  Sad smile

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